- For some reason, I was talking to someone on IM the other day, and I realized that there's a whole market in video game personality-themed board games that are just itching to be done.

Yes, I know Fantasy Flight Games make a World Of Warcraft board game, among many others, and I certainly remember the Pac-Man board game from Milton Bradley, but that's not what I'm going for. Specifically:

- How about 'Jeff Minter's Clue!' (or 'Jeff Minter's Cluedo' for non-Yanks)? The board could be Minter's idyllic welsh farm and paddock, the characters could include various sheep and goats, alongside Minter and his companion, and the murder weapons could include a Nuon controller and a Pink Floyd album. Obviously, nobody would be dead - just stoned. But hey, maybe there could be a limited edition with a gold Konix Multisystem controller, too?

- Rockem Sockem Robots with Nolan Bushnell and Ralph Baer. Why so? Well, Gamasutra writer Benj Edwards has already interviewed Ralph Baer and discovered some hints at some totally cute animosity: "One of the complaints that his highness Nolan Bushnell had was "Well, you didn't have any scoring on screen."" Apparently there's more to come from both Bushnell and Baer, and in the absence of any actual duels with light guns, maybe the guy who patented the computer tennis game and the guy who 'borrowed' the concept for Pong can have a little robotic square-off. Done.

- Everyone knows that special editions of Monopoly rock. But how about an Ion Storm version of Monopoly? The 'Do No Pass Go' card could be 'Do No Reach Alpha On Daikatana', the main characters could include a lovably modeled Superfly Johnson and JC Denton, both cast in 18 carat pewter, and best of all, John Romero could be Rich Uncle Pennybags. Would also come with a cast-iron guarantee: 'NO ROBOT FROGS INCLUDED!' You're feeling this, right?

But yes, this is a bit silly. Hey, sometimes I get all obscure and ephemera-referential - this is why GSW is an editor blog and not an organ of record, sorta.