- Starting up a new little thing on (each or alternate) Sundays here, whereby I talk about some of the games I've been playing this week and what I thought of them - and then I encourage erstwhile GSW readers to do the same. Here we go:

- Jetpac Refueled (Rare/Microsoft, Xbox 360 Live Arcade)
Now, this one may be because I'm British, was born in 1975, and my first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum - therefore making Rare's early Ultimate Play The Game output some of the key games I played growing up. But at 400 points ($5), and with an accurate retro mode and fun, extremely challenging 'Refueled' mode, this cross between Defender and Joust is an incredibly fun short-term blaster. Definitely in my Top 3 XBLA titles so far (though some co-workers just can't stand it).

- Puzzle Quest (Infinite Interactive/D3, PSP)
There's obviously been a lot of buzz for this title - though Infinite Interactive's webpage misreads a Gamasutra chart citing Amazon.com a bit, I still think it's going to be a notable sleeper hit - and I've only just got started with the game. But... what an awesome idea! I can't decide whether a 'match 3' puzzler mashed up with a hardcore fantasy RPG is an accidental perversion or a genius breakthrough. But adding RPG progression and leveling to the puzzle genre - in a much more meaningful way than Popcap's Bookworm Adventures - makes the game fiendishly addictive.

- Sonic & The Secret Rings (Sonic Team/Sega, Wii)
Just rented this one, but yes, echoing some of the reviewers - this is definitely the first Sonic game I've enjoyed in quite a long time. The Wii-specific controls are fun, though they do suffer from a lot of the issues motion controllers have when expecting extreme precision (you have to break acceleration/tilt thresholds to trigger movements, I think, which is just subtly different from direct button-pressing actions.) The biggest issue with the game is that Sonic moves so damn fast, and the base levels are pretty long, so you can sorta tell (at least in my mind) that they ran out of content quite quickly, and mixed things up with lots of 'challenge' levels, some of which can be contrived and a bit obnoxious.

Other things at I least touched this week - Konami/Hudson's Honeycomb Beat for DS (clever, slightly brain-hurting puzzler), Konami's Arcade Hits for DS (completely bizarre, super-detailed emulation specifics and options, some decent emulation of obscure titles), Ubisoft Montreal's TMNT for Xbox 360 (Prince of Turtle! I kinda like this, though I shouldn't - mainly it's for the easy Achievement Points, I fear.) What have you guys been playing, and (optional!) how did you like them?