- Many of you may recall that Frank 'Lost Levels' Cifaldi is features editor over at big sister site Gamasutra. Well, tragically, that ain't so any more, because Frank is leaving (sniff!) in a couple of weeks to take up a job in Atlanta as Editorial Manager at our fave crazed PC subscription game download service GameTap.

Our proposed GameTap news boycott vengeance has sadly been cancelled after someone told us we can't really do that (nuts! S'ok, GameTap, we still like you), but that leaves us with a position to fill as Gamasutra.com features editor.

This position is full-time with benefits, based out of our San Francisco office (2nd and Harrison, South Of Market), and basically consists of being 'thought leader' for our eclectic blend of technical, trend-based, business, and historical articles which have helped make us the most successful B2B game website by any metric (revenue, traffic, reputation), including a recent Webby Award win and an appearance in the UK Guardian's 'Top 100 Websites' list.

Here's the official blurb, for those who are interested: "Major responsibilities include 'owning' the feature schedule on Gamasutra, by managing the vision of the features section of the site; planning, commissioning and scheduling longform features to run daily; editing and laying out (or contracting out the layout of) those features when they are submitted; managing payment and the budget for Gamasutra features. Additional responsibilities include helping out with posting and editing of Gamasutra's news on occasion (if other parties are not available); reporter duties, including event coverage and interviews; miscellaneous other website tasks."

If you're interested, please send over a quick note and a copy of your resume to us at [email protected]. We promise to keep all applicants confidential, obviously, and we may have additional newly-created positions becoming available soon, too, so your application will also be considered for those. Have at it.