- Really enjoying how Gamezebo is taking the time to profile some of the leading casual game creators - the latest is an interview with Stanley Adrianus from Gamenauts, the creators of recent hit title Burger Rush, a game that's, yes, Diner Dash-y on the surface, but 'match 3'-like in its core, an interesting mashed-up concept.

He explains exactly how it came about: "In the case of Burger Rush, there were a couple of starting points - the first is that being a fan of obscure Japanese cooking games, I had wanted to create a game about food and cooking for a long time. The second is that at Gamenauts, we're particularly fond of merging 2 different genres together. In fact [previous Gamenauts title and non-hit] Spacebound itself is also a melding of 2 different games, although not as obvious as Burger Rush."

He also talks about why Burger Rush has hit the sales mark, but Spacebound didn't: "For our first title, I think we suffered that same problem that plagued many new game developers: Notunderstandingourtargetaudience-itis. The players who liked Spacebound the most are typically fans of console and handheld puzzle games, and not the mainstream casual games audience. This was a valuable lesson for us and we shifted our focus and attention squarely on the "casual moms" as the target audience for our next game." Neat stuff.