- A quick cross-post, then, to mention that we've set up some brand new discussion forums over at education site Game Career Guide, and for those who want to get into the game biz, we're hoping they will become a throbbing hive of information - or at least real people who aren't spambots! You get added Marc Mencher, too. Here's the info:

"Gamasutra's game education sister site GameCareerGuide.com has launched new forums to facilitate the discussion of topics related to getting into the game industry, game career paths, game education, and game studies. Readers are encouraged to create accounts, specialize their profiles with avatars, and start up conversations.

As apart of the new forum kickoff, game career specialist Marc Mencher of GameRecruiter.com is appearing as a guest poster to answer questions from forum users.

Mencher is a specialist in game industry careers who previously worked for such game companies as Spectrum Holobyte, Microprose, and 3DO, and is the author of “Get In The Game!” - an instructional book on careers in the video games industry. He has been an Executive Producer on several games, and is also a curriculum advisor to colleges offering game development degrees.

To register and jump into a discussion, interested parties can visit the new Game Career Guide Forums area. Please note that the forums currently require a new user login, separate from existing Gamasutra/Gamasutra Jobs registration."