- We just covered him on GSW because of this feature, so it seems only fair to link it to - Alistair Wallis' latest Playing Catch-Up talks to Bullfrog and EA veteran Sean Cooper about his game career, from early title Flood through Dungeon Keeper II and on to his indie Flash games.

The making of the classic Syndicate is a key part of the retrospective, and it's interesting to hear the relative chaos of its development: "“It was just, ‘How about some guys with guns causing absolute mayhem?’ then, ‘Okay, let's do it!’” he laughs. “The design evolved from that: no documentation. ‘Let's just try some stuff and see how it all fits together’.” The development was similarly unorthodox, with Cooper and friends playing multiplayer games, and working out problems in the design from there."

He also talks about how he will ever make significant money from games like Boxhead, which are free to play: "“Free?” he exclaims in mock surprise. “Nothing is free really, but to the consumer it is. Microtransactions are something I'm looking into; if people really love the game and want a lot more, then they can simply expanded their game cheaply or expensively depending on how far they want to go. A bit like the arcades use to be. I never felt ripped of from putting £1 into an arcade machine. So, yes, other platforms and a wider audience would be great, if it is kept affordable for the consumer.”"