- The handy indie Tales Of The Rampant Coyote blog has pointed to a forgotten bit of the indie scene, explaining: "In case you missed everyone-and-his-cousin announcing this earlier this week, RPG Codex ran a great interview with three indie RPG developers."

Specifically, these are "...Jason Compton, producer of The Broken Hourglass; Thomas Riegsecker, lead developer of Eschelon Book 1; and Steven Peeler, lead designer / programmer of [the pictured] Depths of Peril", and he adds: "All three games - by their screenshots - are looking pretty sharp. They don't have AAA-release $20million budget photo-realistic graphics, but the visuals are nice and professional."

What's interesting in the interview? Well, Jason of The Broken Hourglass notes of one of the unique features in his game is "the character romance", commenting: "PC/NPC romantic entanglements provide another compelling reason to fire up the game, and stay invested in it, and like the overall party/story-based game generally, what we're doing is not something the broader gaming market is being saturated with."