- So one would expect there to be a bit of negative feedback, but imagine my surprise when two negative-leaning reviews of God Of War 2 wandered along in the self-same weekend. Blimey. Firstly, we have the New Gamer's D.Riley looking quizzical, and noting: "God of War is a game that is very technically proficient, but has no heart. Its combat system is lackluster, its enemies are generic, and its story is barely even there."

His capper? "The rub is that God of War suffers from the same colossal flaw its predecessor did. It sets the bar amazingly high in its opening moments and never gets back to that high point. Would it have been a better game if they'd placed the Colossus battle at the end? Maybe, but that'd only be addressing one of the myriad of problems that stops this game from being 'great' and makes it a more solid 'average'."

What's more, Andrew Toups has a smack at the game over at ActionButton.net, commenting: "Yes, God of War 2 has meticulously rendered backdrops, skillful, inspired art direction, sweeping, breathtaking vistas, a dramatic, cinematic score, cleverly designed stage layouts, and setpiece after memorable setpiece. No, none of this matters. At the end of the day, God of War 2, though thoroughly well-designed, well-intentioned, and near impeccably well-put together, is an abject failure of videogame. The fact that it has been a success — both critically and commercially — is simple evidence of the sorry state of the medium." Grumps? Or successful spotters of prime overhyping? Let the jury decide!