- Now, Hanford Lemoore is a bit of an interesting guy - he does product design in Silicon Valley, including for ReplayTV and the Rio MP3 player, but he also makes wacky games such as Rocknor's Donut Factory.

Anyhow, his latest blog post is regarding UI design, and is entitled 'Don’t do what your users say…', concluding: "...do what they’re telling you." He explains specifically: "It is rare that a user outright lies for no reason. There is almost always a root cause for what your users are saying. The trick is to find that root issue to truly get what the user is telling you."

He has an awesome example, too: "I sent a private beta version [of Rocknor's Bad Day] to some close friends to get their take on it. A few days later I collected feedback via email and phone conversations. I got a good variety of comments back. Constructive thoughts. But I noticed an interesting trend: The most common thing suggested was “Add an undo to the game”. It seems almost everyone who tested the game had asked for an undo option."

But.. that's not what he immediately did - he did an in-person user test, which revealed: "After the user test is was clear to me that the root cause for undo requests was that the controls were too sensitive for the average player. There were a few other things that were revealed too. People really loved solving the puzzles in the game -- the first time. But if they had to restart, they really did not enjoy redoing the puzzles they had already solved." More if you click through, and it's an excellent lesson for all developers.