- While researching for some new Gamasutra columns, Alistair Wallis pointed me to UK-based game designer Sean Cooper, specifically because of his awesome Boxhead: More Rooms game currently up and running on Flash game aggregation site Kongregate.

It's basically a 'kill lots of zombies with Lego-style characters' shooter, as the official plot explains: "Jon Bambo is back and a new beast is out to get him. Equipped with even more weapons and equipment, the Zombie has become cannon fodder and the new Beast will take you down unless you get all the 90+ upgrades and perfect your skill!"

Just had a chance to play through a few levels, and it sure has some fun physics (zombie recoil!) and switchable weapons - commenter Kyriva notes: "Very addictive. Worst thing is to shoot a barrel after you’ve laid it and it switched to pistol. Brilliant to scatter barrels so they all go off at once when the demons attack them."

Sean's official website has a big list of the titles he's worked on - Alistair summarizes: "Former Bullfrog artist, programmer and producer. Assistant producer on some of the earlier games like Syndicate, Populous II and Magic Carpet. Lead designer on Dungeon Keeper 2." Cooper also worked on a number of big EA titles (including initial concepts on The Godfather and James Bond titles) before leaving in 2005 to do the indie Flash thing. Yay.