wiivc.jpg ['Parallax Memories' is a (not-so) regular column by Matthew Williamson, profiling classic '16-bit' games from the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and other seminal '90s systems. This week's column asks where you want the column to go?]

What excuse can I make up for the tardiness of this column? I really can't think of too good of one, so I'll just pretend like I've been busy. To add insult to injury, if you're one of those three people who've been looking forward to the column's return, well, this isn't even a proper column!

Honestly, I'm looking for some help and perspective from the readership here. Great sites are built on their community, and this one is no different.

Since my last column something huge has happen: the Wii came out. Now the Virtual Console has shifted the way I was going to look at this column. Since Nintendo now feeds its users new 16 bit (and other) era games I'm not sure if I should continue to look at the games of the early nineties in a general perspective, or focus in on what has recently appeared on the Virtual Console.

Now, there's no way I could buy everything that comes out (nor would I want to), and I wouldn't be doing any kind of standard review on them. I would just continue the column as it's been going but just limit the content to recent or overall virtual console releases with the occasional distraction.

So if you have any input on what direction you would like to this column go, let me know in the comment field.

[Matthew Williamson is the creator of The Gamer’s Quarter, an independent videogame magazine focusing on first person writing. His work has been featured on MTV.com, 1up.com, Chatterbox Radio, and the Fatpixels Radio Podcast.]