- In an amazing revelation worthy of 'The Most Dangerous Game', Chinese-based MMO/business blogger Bill Bishop has revealed a whole new side to the Chinese World Of Warcraft obsession, in an article named 'Chinese Players Take World of Warcraft Offline, Set Up "WOW Hunting Park"'.

Now, you may remember my ChinaJoy World Of Warcraft coverage from last year, showing just how crazy the country is about Blizzard's MMO, but this article, which was posted by Bishop on Sunday Chinese time, takes things to a whole new level: "Mine Boss Wu had become addicted to an online MMORPG game called World of Warcraft. He was the leader of a guild called Kuangzhu, which consisted of 15 other Shanxi mine owners... At one of their monthly meetings Boss Wu suggested they take World of Warcraft offline. "I have a 1000 mu plot of land, thick with trees. Why not play out our WOW exploits in real life?""

According to Bishop's amazing expose: "They met every month at Boss Wu's plot, renamed WOW Park, dressed in faux WOW attire ordered from Taobao, carrying real swords and maces they had had made at a local metal shop... As Boss Wu said, "we pay miners 30-50,000 RMB a year, and 50-100,000 RMB when they get killed. Why not offer them 250,000 RMB to let us hunt them down in our WOW Park? If they can survive the day without being killed we pay them the money, and if we catch them we pay their families."" You know, I really do wonder whether the Chinese government may ban World Of Warcraft after they find out about this.