- Here's one of the oddest stories of the week - fitbabits of Evil Avatar has pointed out that "Mr. Biffo, one of Edge magazine's regular contributors, has decided to go public about his newest column being pulled from the magazine", and it's been reprinted in full on his personal blog. And it's completely wacky.

Where to start? Well, how about here, from the start of the Biffo column? "Back in February, I attended the 2007 Marillion Weekend (shut-UP), in Holland. It was basically three days of gigs, and getting really, really drunk... Mid-auction, the band’s keyboard player put an impromptu shout out to one “Phil Harrison”. Turns out that this was the Phil Harrison you and I know as the president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios. I’d heard rumours that he’s a friend of the band, and something of a fan of their music, but I hadn’t realised he was at the convention."

According to the aforementioned Paul 'Mr. Biffo' Rose: "Rather than bid, Harrison offered to auction a brand new PS3, paid for from his “own pocket”. The band’s keyboard player duly started the bidding at around 100 euros, getting a couple of incremental increases from interested – but slightly bemused – fans." And from then on, as you might have guessed, this wanders into an alleged, slightly bizarre Sony hype fiasco - though it certainly was for charity, which might have given the Edge editors second thoughts about running it. But hey - you decide!