- This one's quirky, but worth highlighting because it has a couple of GSW-beloved game design veterans front and center on it - and it's an adventure game, to boot! It's Mata Hari, "...a classic point & click PC adventure game" based on the life of the "legendary dancer and spy". In that order?

Anyhow here's the fun bit: "Story and game design of Mata Hari will be created by the industry veterans Hal Barwood (“Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”; LucasArts) and Noah Falstein (u.a. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”; LucasArts). Hanover-based studio 4Head Studio is developing the game. dtp entertainment will publish Mata Hari worldwide under the ANACONDA label, with a Q1 2008 release date set for Germany, Switzerland and Austria."

Of these smart folks, Barwood, a LucasArts veteran who's now struck out on his own (though is largely semi-retired, I believe), is actually a college friend of George Lucas who worked on the script for Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and produced/co-wrote the movie Dragonslayer before working on a whole heap of classic LucasArts games - he's also a great asset to Game Developer magazine, because he produces detailed critiques of each issue for us.

Falstein is similarly neat, being a veteran game designer who started out working on Sinistar and Koronis Rift, also worked on a classic Indiana Jones adventure title, and has written the design column ('Game Shui', nowadays) for us on Game Developer for the last few years. Both are elder statesmen who, I think, are most interesting working on the story-heavy, protocol-heavy adventure games for which they were both famous at various times, so I'm definitely looking forward to this title.