- I'm pointing to this week's issue of The Escapist primarily because it covers both nautical pirates and software pirates at the same time, and I consider this such a cheeky, naff act that it must be documented.

I have to say that some recent Escapist articles are getting so erudite and abstract so as to be practically a language unto themselves - witness this piece starting: "Pirates are currently at a peak in the social consciousness of the U.S.", and continuing on to talk about hobo markings, and the key quote: "Mennenga thinks pirates are over, and zombies are already the next big thing."

But hey, there's a Daniel James interview, basically necessary for any pirate-themed periodical, in which he notes: "I was invited to a pirate party, and it was ridiculously fun. Everyone knew what to say and the outfits were awesome." I think Mr. James' entire philosophy is built around plank walking and parrot familiars, and the rival cowboy faction within his company are probably cowering in terror right now. Or something. Booty!