- Matthew 'Fort90' Hawkins has a new weblog entry up discussing a visit to see Mega Man tribute band The Protomen in NYC, and it actually sounds like the band are trying some interesting things in their quest to 'interpret' the Capcom classic.

Matthew explains: "They basically have this quasi-rock opera based upon the Mega Man mythos... So the Protomen conveys this whole story, or at least the underlining themes, I think, via various songs, while also somewhat focusing on the human element. While the rest of the band plays rock music, all decked out in black and red southern threads, as well as some silver face-paint, the leader singer switches between Mega Man and Proto Man when addressing the audience, like some sort of pep rally. And at the end, it culminates with a confrontation between the brothers."

Ah, i see there's an interview with The Protomen over at GamerHelp.com, in which they handily explain: " Put simply, Sandy, the story of Megaman is allegorical to every epic war. Look at the facts: Megaman is Blue. Protoman is Red. Now look deeper, Sandy. Deeper...DEEPER! Pepsi Vs. Coca-Cola. Democrat Vs. Republican. Obi Wan Vs. Darth Vader. Rocky vs. Ivan Drago. White Castle Vs. Krystal. Un-oxygenated Blood Vs. Oxygenated Blood. Goodwill Vs. Salvation Army. Blue Coats Vs. Red Coats. Captain D's Vs. Red Lobster. Wal-Mart Vs. Target. Dominos Vs. Pizza Hut. Crips Vs. Bloods. Hall Vs. Oates." Wait, that makes no sense. Oh well. There's some MP3s up, too.