- So, there's a new issue of Way Of The Rodent out, where-in the charmingly ramshackle UK online mag wanders through a number of random PS3 launch-related topics. But also in there is 'This Gaming Life', by Mr. Nath - which I like.

In this NGJ-y picture/caption piece, the protagonist wanders through pieces of game hardware and his recollections of what happened when he owned them, from the BBC Micro ("Only 5 at the time, my memories of BBC gaming are more swirling impressions than hard and fast recollections - the suicidal thrill of attacking a Police Station in Elite, the lurid pinks and blues of Citadel and the hypnotic rhythm of Repton's head-bobbing") to the Sega Master System ("After it had mesmerised me in the arcade, in-house R-Type felt like a proud and rare beast held captive, and discovering areas we'd never had the combination of money and skill to reach on the Black Lion cab was like trespassing on hallowed ground.")

We end up with a PlayStation 2, circa 2004 ("£500 came through from University for a prize I'd won on the Masters, and I used it to buy my own PS2, along with copies of Pro Evo 3, Ico and Rez. I hammered PES, playing 6 seasons of Master League, loved the haunting Ico, and was non-plussed by Rez"), and a career that switched from academic to a job on the UK Official PlayStation Magazine back to "a three-year PhD scholarship back in Sheffield" that paid more than the magazine job (ouch, UK journo salaries!), and an affecting story. Keep it up, WoTR.