- Over at GamesOnDeck editor Mathew Kumar's personal blog, he's penned a fun new piece, '52 Gaming Similes To Describe Your Relationship', in which he and his girlfriend pick some choice verbiage to describe interpersonal relate-y fun!

I'm just going to excerpt the first 5, but you will get the general idea - it's actually witty and sly, despite the fact that list articles are often annoying and pointless (see previous post - totally joking - kinda - maybe!):

"Our relationship is like…

1. Killer 7. I don’t understand what you’re saying, and I don’t even know who I am any more.
2. Resident Evil 4. I’m protecting you from all the world’s evils, and you won’t even let me look at your pants.
3. Super Mario Kart. I’m sabotaging the progress of others to reach the rainbow road.
4. Tetris. Shit keeps piling up.
5. Bust A Move. You keep bursting my bubble." Haw!

[Hijacking this post for a sec to talk about his non-leisure time stuff, Mr. Kumar recently edited up the first part of an interview with Trip Hawkins over on GoD, as written by The Gamer's Quarter's Matthew Williamson. It's quite entertaining, and the final bit is up tomorrow - go sister mobile site go!]