- The mysterious and grumpy 'Grassroots Gamemaster', whose mission is "in a world of dead, bland game design... to reawaken the truest dimension of what games can be - as they once were - and what they could be again" has posted a blog entry called 'What They Don't Tell You On The Game Design Job Description...'.

He then gets uber-cynical in deconstructing a typical game design job opening, for example: "Demonstrated ability to motivate and lead other team members. [That means two things: one you describe your vision, but then when the team cuts it down you just shut the hell up and take it. Two: you really get around to doing what we want you to do, to transform your vision into something everybody in the group - from the topmost producer to the lowliest QA guy - can get... can understand... right off the bat. Because believe me, if we don't understand it right away, it ain't gonna fly. I mean, who the hell do you think you are, Stanley Kubrick or somethin'? There ain't guys like that in game dev, boy. Let me tell you.]"

Or: "Proven track record with AAA console products and/or online game development. [Again... vision or no... we want proof. Not that it really means anything, or really does prove that this new game you or anyone else will be worth a damn, but it's comforting to us... Think of all those shitty games out there made by people with "proven track records"...]" You know, I don't really think this is actually useful, but it's an entertainingly nihilistic piece.