- Those Halo.bungie.org guys find some awesome stuff sometimes - in this case a turn-based Halo mock-up machinima movie that is all kinds of silly stupid Final Fantasy aping dumbness, in a nice way.

They note: "RVideo found a fantastic video posted on the HaloGrid forums (yep, they're back) - it was done by the the guys over at Chaos Films, and it emulates a standard turn-based RPG using the Halo engine."

The HBO folks are mirroring the WMP9 version - 28.4 mb, as well as hosting their own QuickTime version - 29.8 mb. They continue: "This movie is hilarious - really well done. If you've ever played RPGs, you'll immediately connect. If you haven't, it's STILL pretty darned funny - just be glad XBL isn't like this! Can't wait for parts 2 and 3 (I'm hoping we can get higher-quality versions of all of them, from here on in)." Wow, neeto!