- UK writer Richard Cobbett's website has some really fun writings on adventure games, and a recent entry discusses what's known as 'The Horror of Hopkins FBI', analyzing a PC game which, while getting decent marks from a couple of adventure game critics, appears to be horribly cliched, misogynistic, and terrible.

Cobbett explains of the 1999-ish European-developed title in question: "I last thought about it while writing Cirque du Strange for PC Gamer - the 50 Weirdest Moments In PC Gaming. Hopkins had so many that could have been included, but none I could find grabs for. So it didn't make it in, and I was sad."

He continues: "Then I was poking around our local game store when I saw a copy on the shelves. 99p, as part of a double-pack. Clearly, they didn't know what evil they had taken into their midst. I had to remove it in order that their souls not be lost. This level of Weapons Grade Badness requires special training to handle, and I've played Midnight Nowhere, Druuna, and Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. I knew I could take it..." Then he explains why, with pictures and story references and OUCH.