- So we ran the results of the first competition last year, but the guys at the Toronto Indie Game Jam have slung us info on their new TO Jam 2 'make a game quick' festival, taking place in just a few weeks. Indies in Toronto should check this out:

"This is the official announcement of TO Jam 2. What's this Jam deal all about you ask? You attempt to make a game in one weekend. You say it can't be done? Well it has been done! Thi's years event promises to be bigger, more exciting and prestigious than last year."

The event "will be held in the downtown Toronto area" and "will happen May 4-6, 2007" - there's going to be more information on the forums in due course, and considering that completely wacky games like Kalishnikitty came out of it last year, we're looking forward to seeing what they (and you!) do this time round.