- Over at Videoludica, there's some new info on 'short horror game' The Path, from Tale of Tales, "the innovative game design studio is responsible for The Endless Forest interactive screensaver and 8. The Path is slated for a 2008 release."

From the official 'The Path' website: "There's something wrong with the forest. No matter how bright the sun shines, it remains dark and foggy. It smells like something died. Strange noises fill the rusty air. Squeaks and screeches. The dull thump of someone chopping trees. The wind playing eerie melodies on ghostlike flutes. Shivers run down her spine. She just left the city. Cars can't drive here anymore. Mother told her to go visit grandmother. The old lady lives all alone at the other side of the forest. Quite a walk from here. It's probably best if she stays on the path..."

Here's the rundown for this interesting PC art-game melange: "Play six different avatars with distinct personalities... interact with autonomous characters driven by Drama Princess technology... unique free-form gameplay: do what you want when you want it.. .mix the music in realtime through in-game activity... lose yourself in an endless forest filled with attractions and atrocities." Worth checking out.