- Realized that this was posted on sister site Gamasutra, was very GSW-worthy, and I didn't link it - Bonnie Ruberg chatted to 'alternate reality game' creator Jane McGonigal, known for her work at 42 Entertainment on ilovebees and Last Call Poker, during GDC.

This was a pretty interesting exchange, for one: "One of my most rewarding game design experiences has been the gameplay for cemeteries (Last Call Poker), the Activision-commissioned project for the release of Gun with 42 Entertainment. I did the game design for the cemeteries. We had a lot of goals with that, some were related to Activision, their interest in exploring the history of the game and the real American folklore of the game."

McGonigal notes: "Part of it was also we realized we were going to send players to cemeteries, and, well, once people go to cemeteries to play a game, they’ll probably go back again some day for something not quite as fun. It was the idea that we could read some sort of social experience and meaning system in a cemetery that would make those later moments somehow more bearable." This is definitely a bit out there, but I do actually appreciate the sentiment.