- Apparently I haven't been keeping up with Microsoft's blog outreach, since I just spotted On10.net, a video-heavy tech and gaming blog that's funded by the Redmond giant (wait, do I get to point out my favorite Microsoft-related typo here?), and they have a number of pretty interesting videos from GDC 2007, just posted over the last few days.

I particularly wanted to point out the video showcasing Emotiv's brain-based control system, explained slightly breathlessly by Tina Wood: "Emotiv's technology is based upon interpreting the electrical activity in the human brain via EEG that looks below the individually unique outer cortex to deeper regions of the brain." It is VERY neat, though - and this is the first decent video I've seen of it.

There's also a piece chatting to the Penny Arcade folks about their Hothead-developed episodic game, and something talking to Gentle Giant Studios about their neat 3D scanning, motion capture, etc. I find the lack of clear 'this is Microsoft-funded' labeling a teensy bit meh, but the content is interesting, so hey - go poke at it. [Since I set this ready to post, they added an Xbox 360 Elite video, which is probably making them a lot more noticed, though!]