- Hoo hoo, it's time for the 'Indie Game Review Panel [March Edition]' over at rather smart indie game site GameTunnel, and this month, they ask: "If a dog and rabbit-like creature were trying to kill the President should you stop them? Is becoming President in an election-sim game really "winning?""

As a direct result of this, Sam & Max: Lincoln Must Die gets joint Game Of The Month, with Russ Carroll commenting: "This episode has some great government-al humor mixed with the puzzle randomness that makes most people shake their heads at puzzle games. Sam & Max certainly are worth the low entry price. Essentially you are getting 3 hours of fun for a bit more than a movie. Oh and did I mention the musical number-esque song done in ragtime style?"

But it shares it with Loonyland 2, which I had never heard of, and sounds really interesting - Brian Clair comments: "Loonyland 2 is another great RPG that made it into this month’s roundup. Unlike Geneforge 4, which is geared more towards hardcore role-players, Loonyland 2 takes aim at the RPG-lite crowd. There’s more action than reading in this release, but that doesn’t detract from the gameplay at all. You’ll control your avatar through a variety of quests as you fight off toys gone mad in a number of areas. As you dispatch the enemies, you’ll gain experience and go up in levels as with any RPG." Go poke it!