- Apparently, knowing how transfixed I am by the whole Gizmondo Ferrari crash thing I am, the Universe is conspiring to help me find media reference to it - this time in the form of Kavinsky's new '1986' EP, a music release on Air's Record Makers label that I grabbed from Emusic.

In fact, there's a page on ClickGroove where you can hear the 'Flashback' track, which has some very familiar audio in it - a creepy Knight Rider-style groove, over which you can hear voiceover discussing "...a car that's virtually sliced in half on the PCH". Specifically a Ferrari, of course - apparently Kavinsky has been sampling news dialog from the Gizmondo crash for his new release.

Anyhow, there's also an earlier video for 'Testarossa' from Kavinsky: "KAVINSKY-"Testarossa autodrive "from "Teddy boy" ep (Record makers-2006) Directed by Jonas&Fran├žois for "75" production &Anthony Thouzet", which I would say also has some vague Gizmondo inspiration in it, what with crashed Ferraris and ambulances - although I don't remember Stefan Eriksson being as Miami Vice as this, so perhaps it's just an oblique reference. Still - awesome-o.