- Over at Arthouse Games, they have the scoop: " Rod Humble just released his experimental artgame The Marriage for public consumption."

So, what is it? " With no sound, no music, and barely-there graphics, this game is clearly not meant to dazzle your senses, but instead meant to intrigue your mind (and its low-fi nature is not a cop-out---Rod Humble's day job is at EA, so he has plenty of experience making high-fi games)."

Arthouse Games' Jason Rohrer continues of the title, which was showcased at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC this year: "I have played The Marriage quite a bit, and so has my spouse. We've spent some time talking about what it might mean. The game, and my experience discussing it, have reminded me of experiences at galleries of modern art---for each piece, I stare at it, scratch my head a bit, and try to mine the piece for meaning of some kind. I'm also reminded of watching a David Lynch movie with friends---we'd spend the rest of the evening discussing what the movie might mean."