- I believe that we have an interview with them next week on Gamasutra, but in the meantime, Torpex Games' Jamie Fristrom has posted some fun facts about XNA and Xbox Live Arcade on his GameDevBlog personal blog.

Torpex are making Schizoid, which is mini-previewed on 1UP and is "...the first game to officially make the jump from XNA development to Xbox Live Arcade" - it's described as "a co-op action game in which teamwork matters like never before, as gamers and their friend or AI ally protect each other from barrages of glowing enemies." Should (hopefully!) be out before the end of the year.

In the blog, Fristrom explains the various approval processes for Xbox Live Arcade (handy!), talks about the advantages and disadvantages of XNA (also handy!), and concludes by answering the query 'What you think of the cost of doing "casual" games...?' with: "I prefer the term "downloadable" because our players aren't going to be casual. And, well, hey, it's cheap. Really cheap. A story went over Reuters today that said my alma mater - Spider-Man 3 - may cost $35 million. Schizoid will cost over two orders of magnitude less than that. And I believe it'll be just as fun. You could make over a hundred Schizoids for the cost of a Spider-Man 3! "