- You know, I completely forgot about this, but Kotaku has picked up the story from an original Watercooler Games post - there were some special GDC poetry lessons given out this year.

Specifically, Ian Bogost explains: "For those of you who don't know about this tradition, every year [at Game Developers Conference] CMP provides a small yet charming gift to all of the speakers. This year it was a DVD clamshell with four sets of DVD-shaped magnetic poetry, the words conforming to themes from this year's conference."

A bunch of the words were actually contributed by myself and some others from Game Developer and Gamasutra editorial, hence some suitably dumb stuff like 'Riiidge Racer', 'Megaton', 'Dropdabomb', 'O RLY', 'shmup', and some others I can't remember right now. Also 'sensible stuff' like Itagaki, Wright, Schafer, Sid Meier's, shipdate, script, physics, texture, and so on. Now I just need to work out where if we have any spares, because I forgot to pick mine up at GDC!