- This is the first in a regular series linking to neat articles from GSW's sister sites: Gamasutra, Game Career Guide, Serious Games Source, and a new addition that's launching on Monday - but more on that then! This time - THQ's MMO aspirations, a neato Playing Catch-Up, and a couple of interesting technical pieces:

- Gamasutra: Q&A: THQ's Kelly Flock Talks Warhammer 40,000 MMO
"The adoption by the mainstream public has just been exponential since Ultima Online and Everquest through World of Warcraft, but the cycles are still the same -- these are five to seven year runs they have."

- Game Career Guide: Student Postmortem: DigiPen’s Toblo
"We decided to grasp onto the one aspect of our game which we knew was enjoyable: knocking things down. Our game design underwent a complete overhaul, and our tower building game turned into destructive CTF mayhem. This move made the game easier to understand, and also allowed us to showcase our physics engine."

- Gamasutra: Playing Catch-Up: Skyfox's Ray Tobey
"Today's Playing Catch-Up speaks to Ray Tobey (pictured with owl!), designer of 1984 Apple II action flight sim Skyfox and co-designer of Budokan, about his storied career, from early '80s programmer stardom to his current political work for the Green Party."

- Serious Games Source: Serious Game Engine Shootout
"As an emerging market little has been written about the best engines for building serious games. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for publishers to choose development partners, and for developers to scope serious game projects and determine the best tools to use. In this article – and in a panel discussion on March 6th at the Serious Games Summit – we’ll begin to address this deficiency."

- Gamasutra: Embracing Fun: Why Extreme Programming is Great for Game Development
"Blue Fang Games' Bill Schofield advocates the usage of extreme programming - an Agile methodology designed to allow design iteration on the programming level - in this exclusive Gamasutra feature."