- I've been quite enjoying the blog posts of Dan 'Elektro' Amrich of Official Xbox Magazine recently, and one of the most recent ones is titled 'I will now fix the review score problem', and, uhh, does, kinda.

Dan explains: "Recently OXM took some heat for giving Crackdown a 7 out of 10. OMG WE HATED IT, said the readers. But when OXM gives a first-party game an 8 or above, OMG THEY R TEH BIAS. So. After careful consideration, here’s the answer..." What? What? We feel a revelation coming on!

Wow, it's genius. "All games get one of two scores: 7 or 8. As already determined by the audience, 7 means the reviewer hated it. An 8 means the reviewer loved it. There will be no complaining, no arguments about whether a stealth game that gets a 9.8 is actually superior to a shooter game that gets a 9.9. You get a 7 or an 8."

He explains why: "It’s a very personal but extremely binary decision at its core. Pull out your wallet and tell me it’s different: It’s worth your money or it’s not worth your money." You know, I see the sarcasm, but he also kinda has a point, right? I've been liking 1UP's Retro Round-up reviews, which do exactly this - thumbs up or thumbs down. Maybe all reviews should go that way, hmm?