- In their 'infinite wisdom', the IGDA's San Diego chapter has invited my colleague Brandon Sheffield to moderate/talk about 'What makes a next-gen game', as he handily points out over at Insert Credit. [While he's down there, he's going to do a San Diego studio profile mini-tour for Gamasutra, so that's cool!]

Anyhow, Sheffield underpeddles his wares semi-adorably in his IC post, : "You should go if you're around, and in the industry. I think that's a prerequisite. Maybe heckle, or bring rotten fruit to throw. I moderated some stuff at GDC too, so it may go ok... though there were some hecklers there too!" The event is next Thursday evening, March 29th, and: "Questions will be solicited from game developers worldwide and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the event."

The full event website has more info, explaining: "Don’t miss out on this exclusive, free event featuring editor-in-chief Dave Halverson from Play Magazine; editor-in-chief Francesca Reyes from Official Xbox Magazine; deputy editor-in-chief Kaiser Hwang from PSM; editor Brandon Sheffield from Game Developer Magazine; contributing writer Paul Semel for GamePro, Official PlayStation Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and others; and Game Head host Geoff Keighley from Spike TV."