- It's interesting to see Japanese-headquartered, formerly 'closed' companies such as Capcom open up, as it's been doing over the past few months, and their Lost Planet blogging has turned into a general Capcom multi-person blog setup which encompasses lots of interesting posts - though the master URL is still at Lost Planet's community site, for some reason.

Anyhow, Scarlett's blog on CapcomUSA.com, which also feeds into this, has been posting some excellent interviews with Capcom localization staff and the latest talks to Janet Hsu of Capcom Japan about her job in general, as well as her localization work on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Hsu comments of some relatively untranslatable Japanese gags: "The other things that didn’t transfer very well were for the most part, cultural references. For example, Morgan Fey’s style of speaking in the Japanese version is a very old style of Japanese and she has a peculiar way of addressing people. I had to figure out how to rework it so she still sounded formal, but slightly odd in English and came up with “Good sir!” as her way of addressing Phoenix."

[Posted earlier, there's also an interview with JP Kellams and with the excellently named Brandon Gay, both localizers based at Capcom's Osaka studios, and various other interviews and links of interest dotted throughout the Capcom blogs - I'd love to see more companies opening up like this, in a sort of 'internal/external newsletter' style.]