- Had a wander back to C&VG's subsite for PC Gamer UK, which is so Flash-infested that it makes my PC overspin (hurrah!), but a couple more neat mag features have been reprinted - notably 'How To Be A Complete Bastard'.

This particular piece of 'fun' is John Walker's take on how to be really nasty in online games - apparently for fun and/or profit, and starts with the grinning intro: "Griefers are much maligned. Condemned as the playground bullies of the online world, they are in fact masters of innovation.... These are the anarchists of gaming, taking the ingredients they're given and making a cake no one was expecting. Jealous? You should be. So why not begin your career of adding imagination to multiplayer gaming today?" Or, you know, they're horrid and should be ignored, guys.

Also worth checking - a piece on GTA: San Andreas, which is odd and well written: " But this is not art imitating life, or even the foreign policy of a superpower somewhere near Canada, say, because GTA's overwhelming mechanisms of cause and effect mean these guys are shooting for a good reason. That alone is cause enough to spend your hours there, and damn the grim early days in the ghetto. All you need is a relaxed attitude, time dribbling near-endlessly from your hands and a love for the streets. Oh yeah, and maybe a jetpack."