- Over at GameTunnel, site editor Russell Carroll has posted a neat editorial called 'Why Online Multiplayer Isn't That Important', which he starts by stating, simply: "Sure, online multiplayer is nice, but I think it's a feature that is a bit over-rated. "

Why so, Mr. Carroll? "James Smith, the developer of Ricochet, Big Kahuna Reef and several other games you should have played, said that "Online Multiplayer is something that seems like a great idea until you have it." Multiplayer gaming is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I don't think that online multiplayer modes are all that great. Unless I'm playing in the same room as the person I'm playing against, I lose the emotional and physical connection that makes multiplayer games fun."

Moreover, he stresses: "It's like going to a party where you drink and dance by yourself in your living room, and connect to everyone else through headsets, video cameras and HD TVs. No matter how you look at it, the end result is a lame party." I find online multiplayer a bit iffy sometimes, too, just because of the level of random asshattery out there - but I guess that's a whole other kettle of opponents? [Pic - PA.]