- Over at GameDaily.biz, Kyle 'Mr. New-Skool Media Coverage' Orland has posted a column about game journalists playing games, with the fun headline: "Game journalists discuss the biggest gaps in their game-playing portfolios, and why they aren't as important as you might think."

Alert GSW readers will notice a confession from me hanging out in the article: "Many journalists that responded to my inquiry found they just didn't have the time to really get into certain epic games. CMP's Simon Carless lamented that he'd probably "have to take a holiday" to put aside his current pile of games and finally get through Twilight Princess. GameDaily's Robert Workman is waiting for "a lazy summer day" to finally give Oblivion another go."

Anyhow, I found this a fun article (even if I _was_ mentioned), and it seems to have taken the Media Coverage columns in a more positive, well-constructed way, after the former anonymous columnist, much given to snarkiness and complaints about X being broken (where X was pretty much anything you can mention) has now left for whinging pastures new. Now, back to cat manipulation in Zelda!