- We at Game Developer may or may not be plotting something Steve Purcell-related for the March 2007 cover, but before we get into that, we spotted that World Of Monkey Island is linking to an eBay auction for the original Monkey Island 2 box back cover, and oh my, it's rather gorgeous.

The WoMI folks comment: "I've always loved the box art for the original games and it is a real treat to see it in full without text and screenshots covering parts of it. I'm just wondering, is the skeleton holding the frame included? Check out the auction to make a bid and see more close-up images of the illustration."

Purcell himself explains: "Much of the image was cropped on the printed box to accommodate the package text so there is more to the image than has been seen before (including the fetching mermaid who's being devoured by a sea serpent)... LucasArts owns the copyright to the image so you can't reproduce it for sale but the opportunity to own a piece of the painted art from the classic era of LucasArts Adventure Games is rare." Indeed it is, but bidding starts at $995, so those used to buying cheap posters of game art may need to step up their bidding.