- Recently posted on the invaluable Indygamer blog, a list of the Top 20 freeware adventure games from 2006, listing all kinds of interesting AGS and other-style adventure games from this fascinating niche community.

A couple of highlights: #1 is Duty & Beyond: "Your 'quest' in Duty and Beyond is simply to deliver a pizza. But who knew that the adventure would take you on an epic journey across several exotic locations in search of the mysterious customer. Simply a winner in the content category, with multiple endings to achieve depending on your final score. Fans of classic LucasArts games (especially Maniac Mansion) will love this one to bits."

Also v. interesting, Automation: "Automation is a winner of the first One Room One Week Competition, in which all entries are small games made in a relatively short period. The story is centered around a bloke who met an accident while transporting a rather expensive droid, and must attempt to recover his experiment back in one piece or risk losing his job." Many good games in here!