- There are some things that should never be. There are others that should not exist, but do anyway, contravening laws of time and space and brevity. One of those things is 'the insertcredit.com fukubukuro 2006: GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION', a (wait for it!) 80,000 word article by the indefatigable Tim Rogers on life, the universe, and gaming in 2006.

It's explained of this monstrosity: "Expect very long reviews of at least three major games, and maybe a giant, rambling, world-changing essay of sorts." And really, the 'keynote address' starts with the following sentence: "So, I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and masturbated using the Rez Trance Vibrator." This phrase (and the resulting explanation) will probably polarize the audience suitably, I would imagine!

Posting this, I was reminded of Michael Zenke's recent article for The Escapist, and a question I answered that was left out of the final article. Specifically, Zenke asked: "The July Esquire article about the 'Lester Bangs of Videogames' prompted a storm of discussion both on and off the internet about the role of game journalism. What, if anything, did you take away from the fallout of that article?"

My reply: "If you look, carefully, at what Lester Bangs meant at the time, I think you'll find that the Lester Bangs of today's game writing is still Tim Rogers. He's the only person who is disruptive and iconoclastic enough. I'm not necessarily saying that this is good - but it's true." So there you go - I'm not saying that Tim will necessarily be as famous in retrospect as Bangs, but I'm saying - oh, you know what I'm saying, I just said it.