- There _are_ some useful interviews and features from time to time on IGN, but I tend to miss them due to the site's somewhat tortuous SKU-split design and cross-posting shenanigans. However, a recent IGN interview with Suda 51 about Wii title No More Heroes has some neat points that are worth looking into.

Firstly, it's extremely interesting that Suda's first-mentioned gaming influence (and I believe he's cited this before) is a Western developer and a Western game: "My favorite game is Out of this World [aka Another World]. I was shocked and impressed by the game by Erick [sic] Chahi. My favorite movie is Paris, Texas. I was very moved by this movie, and that feeling still remains today." Incidentally, IGN, it's Eric Chahi - no extra K.

Also worth noting is Suda's sign-off regarding 'No More Heroes', which stars a Johnny Knoxville-style Japanese anime okaku (!): "We are tuning up No More Heroes to be simple and comfortable, but exciting and refreshing as a game. The game has a unique sense of humor and I hope fans will be excited about and look forward to it. I'll also try my best to make No More Heroes as violent, or even more violent than Manhunt 2!" I see sarcasm in here somewhere!