- Well, time to link to the latest Retro Round-Up at 1UP again, because it's just that time of the week and we're just that kind of retro-loving old nostalgia geeks. Sadly.

There's the obvious Virtual Console reviews and shenanigans, thumbs down-ing Legend Of Kage, and noting of Donkey Kong Country: "A shallow and derivative platformer that was bland a decade ago and hasn't improved with age... It's no Mario, but it's charming enough in its own clumsy way." My wife is a major, major fan of this game, incidentally, mainly for the nostalgia value, so we've downloaded it already and she's shaming me by pointing out things to do in the first level that I have no clue about.

[Oh, Lazyweb feature request, 1UP - one big page with all the Virtual Console reviews listed alphabetically? I needed that the other night when I was puzzling on how to spend my remaining Wii points, and sassy capsule reviews are a great way to Siskel and Ebert your way through download choices.]

But the highlight of Retro Round-Up for me is, once again, the Retronauts Bonus Stage video, in which the G.I. Joe series of games are deconstructed, and there's swearing, and knowledge of Cobra Strike for the 2600, and these are two things that I have very little damn knowledge of. So really - bring your Snake Eyes lust here, and worship at St. Joe's altar - 22,000 other people have, thus far.