- The guys at the slightly cheesily named UrbanRetroLifestyle.com have posted a link to a new art print by Van Beater, 'titled Crappy Cat NES Tank.'

It's explained: "Crappy Cat is a character by Van Beater, and this NES Tank complete with a light gun cannon is a perfect war machine for all gaming geeks." Neat. But elsewhere on UrbanRetroLifeStyle, I also spotted a very videogame-ish artist showcase from Marshall Alexander.

He comments: "I work as a graphic designer in The Netherlands. In my spare time I do illustration as a counterbalance for the more corporate briefs at work. My art is heavily inspired by the retro toys, videogames and movies I grew up with. I either make up my own toys (like the Retrobot pinball table) or draw existing toys and sometimes slightly modify them." The 'Nosy Neighbors' Game & Watch fake is pretty cute - more pics on his portfolio site.