- You know how you don't often see actual, real game design documents available for public viewing? Well, over on Gamasutra, we've managed to post the original design doc for 'Play With Fire', the previously GSW-mentioned puzzle title that's now being published by Manifesto Games.

It's interesting because the design overview (while it's not perfect, f'sure') is pretty similar to the kind of design docs I used to write, in terms of encapsulating the game both from a pitching and practical point of view - and Play With Fire (aka Fireball/Hidama) is, after all, intriguingly abstract - has anyone played it much? What do you think?

Here's the overview: "The player controls a ball of fire, and traverses a landscape made of blocks of different materials. As the player sets fire to these blocks, they grow hotter, and can set fire to more and more different types of blocks. The fireball the player controls can also rise up in height and the hotter the player gets, the higher they can jump in this fashion."