- My favorite Alternate Reality Game site, ARGN.com, has updated with an absolutely fascinating article on how the Perplex City cube was found, written by... the guy who found it.

We covered the story over at Gamasutra, noting: "The ARG asked participants to follow numerous clues in the search for the "Receda Cube" and win the prize of $200,000, and according to Mind Candy, over the last two years, Perplex City had been played by more than 50,000 registered individuals from 92 countries."

And honestly, the first-person narrative from winner Andy Darley is incredibly readable, and it starts like this: "I'd like to say the reason I found the Cube was because I solved all the meta puzzles, cracked the number strings, and have all the answers. Alas, no. None of us did. As far as I'm aware, the reason all of us who were involved in the endgame found ourselves in Rockingham Forest is because cjr22 and Chippy nailed the amorphous blobs as being the Jurassic strata, which led by a series of inevitable steps to the Jurassic Way and the red kite centre on Forestry Commission land at Fineshade Wood." And yeah, Mr. Amrich, it's a little bit Masquerade.