- So, we previously ran a story on the neat 'One Life Left' radio show/podcast, run by ex-Edge editor Ste Curran and associates. Ste actually works some of the time over at Kuju Entertainment (where I also used to hang out in the late '90s), and I think was one of the folks behind the sadly disappeared Traxion?

Anyhow, Ste comments of the UK-based show: "We've gone from... Season One to a strong, confident Season Two, sort of; Resonance FM love us and we've been moved to a primetime Monday evening slot... we're having fun, and our podcast audience continues to grow and send us odd competition entries and things (one of them has just speculatively sent us in a song about Xbox Live Arcade for a competition we haven't even run)." Yay!

However, he also notes: "Resonance is publically funded, ie it relies on an Arts Council grant and donations from the public to keep to going. It's on a funding drive at the moment, and thus... the One Life Left team are auctioning off gaming items. Why? Because Resonance FM is publicly funded and advert-free, relying on donations from listeners to keep broadcasting. And what’s an auction? It’s a donation with a prize."

And, speak of the devil, here's the auctions page. Look, there's a Football Manager fridge! UK GSW readers, you know what to do. (You can also just plain donate from that page, too, if you don't want a Football Manager fridge. Which you clearly do.)