- You may remember I was talking about neat game-related subcultures that don't get talked about much in the 'mainstream' of game blogging - citing Newgrounds.com as a prime example of youth gone wrong in the most adorable ways.

Well, another is the ever-vitriolic SomethingAwful, and I was alerted to the recent awesomeness going on at SA's 'The Flash Tub', courtesy of longtime SA goon (and at one point official GameSetWatch cartoonist) Dave 'Shmorky' Kelly.

What you should know - there's a tremendously 'popular' YouTube uploader who calls himself 'Angry Nintendo Nerd', and swigs from beer while swearing in a reasonably funny/unnecessary fashion about slightly borderline NES games - here's his take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for one.

Thus, in Shmorky's messed-up world, we have Furious Famicom Faggot (that link is for Part 1 of the 7-part series - the rest are viewable from the Flash Tub homepage.) According to various other notes I've seen hanging out online, there's also a bit of Seanbaby and GameLife referencing in there. There is also an AWESOME Charles Dickens / Dizzy joke in one of the episodes. No lie.

My personal favorite is Episode 4, dealing with Megaman II, and includes the line: "My doctor told me to stay away from playing Megaman, because it would give me FUN cancer", as well as massive amounts of incoherent, sarcastic rage, and a terrible improvised song over the end credits. Oh yeah, and swearing. Well, it works for me. More interestingly, the later episodes get more and more surreal, as somehow the FFF gets 'sucked into the game', with a bizarre denouement in Episode 7 - watch all the way through for the 'story', though, kids. [Ta for link, Mr. Cifaldi!]