- There's another nice piece at Edge Online dealing with the current plans of Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning, now that his money hat has been revoked, and there's all kinds of things worth poking in there.

Particular, there are his claims on Stranger's Wrath, his final game project before jumping into the murky waters of CG movie with follow-up game with the forthcoming Citizen Siege: "There were no marketing dollars behind Stranger’s Wrath – and that was a business decision on behalf of EA – that choice sealed the sales. It still sold over half a million units, but people don’t buy $50 entertainment products if they don’t know what they are. And they didn’t have an opportunity to know about Stranger’s Wrath; so what that told us was that we need to swim in bigger ponds."

He rages: "We don’t want to invest three years of our life to just have a publisher abandon our title. If our game’s not on all the right platforms, or if a publisher neglects their half of the deal, are you just going to keep on living by the business practices of the industry? And our answer was: ‘No, we’re better than that.’" Let's see how the crazy world of movie production treats Oddworld and friends, huh?