- Over at Tales of the Rampant Coyote, they have a nice interview with Steve Taylor of NinjaBee about making indie games for consoles (Outpost Kaloki X, Cloning Clyde, and now Band Of Bugs for XBLA), something very near and dear to my heart - and it has some good details in it - though it's a bit wacky because the Coyote is actually interviewing his boss!

A reassuring answer on XBLA for indies, after the influx of major publishers getting interested in the distribution method: "Regarding Indies getting pushed out: It sure seems like that's not going to happen! I've talked to 2 or 3 key people on the Live Arcade team who are quite committed to supporting indie efforts on Live Arcade. They can't approve every game they see, but there seem to be some great indie games coming down the pipe, and I think that will certainly continue, thanks to the approach Microsoft is taking."

There's also a fairly logical (and disclaimered 'personal opinion'!) response about some of the recent issues with timely release of non-retro XBLA games: "I am not privy to Microsoft's release schedule or relationships with other developers, so I can't really say for sure what the situation is. One possible issue is that making a game for Live Arcade is a lot harder than it seems. Sure, it's "small" stuff, but it's still console development, and the quality bar is still high, and the certification process is still tough, etc..."