- This is actually from a few weeks back, but I just stumbled across it, so - Music 4 Games has a neat interview with Lost Planet composer Jamie Christopherson, who has also written music for game projects such as Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth (EA Games) and Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle (NCSoft).

Interestingly, Christopherson reveals that Lost Planet (oo, looks like the official blog has a new Jun Takeuchi interview) really was a long-term project for Capcom, probably explaining why it looks so darn pretty: "This game had the longest production cycle of any project that I have ever worked on. From the initial meeting with the producers until the release of the game it will have been almost three years! That being said, I worked on the project in multiple phases, with long breaks in between each phase. The plot did change a lot in that time frame, as the Capcom team constantly revised the way the story developed."

Also interesting is discussion on collaboration: "This project was the second time I’ve worked with Capcom, following a successful collaboration on Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. They are truly a wonderful and easy company to work with. While they do have a great interpreter in house for our email communications, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly what kind of music they wanted from text only. That can often be the case with any producer or director, foreign or not. I definitely prefer to meet directly with the person in charge of making music decisions whenever possible. Fortunately, Capcom flew out here to our studios in Hollywood at the start of every phase of music production to meet and discuss any questions that I had regarding the music to be written."